For food, how can you make double cooked meat? This is the more delicious it is, and you can eat it twice in summer. I think it’s very cost-effective


Half a catty of pork
Two carrots
About 10 Beauty peppers
Four garlic sprouts
A ginger
2 tbsp bean paste
A spoonful of veteran
A little salt
A little chicken essence


Step 1
Wash the pepper, garlic and carrot

Step 2
Slice the carrot, cut the garlic seedling, cut the pepper into oblique pieces and set aside

Step 3
While cutting vegetables, put the clean and hairless pork into water and cook it half cooked

Step 4
Shred the washed ginger and set aside

Step 5
Mix the bean paste and soy sauce in a small bowl

Step 6
Slice the meat and set aside

Step 7
Stir fry the meat in a hot pan

Step 8
Saute the meat to your liking and add ginger slices

Step 9
When it's fragrant with ginger, add carrot, garlic and pepper. When it's almost fragrant, pour in the bean paste, mix the soy sauce in a small bowl and add a little salt

Step 10
Just add a little chicken essence before cooking. It's delicious. It's our family's favorite. All the ingredients can be eaten. Oh, it's not a waste