No cold skin is not summer. Cold skin can be seen everywhere when the weather is hot. Although the cold skin sold outside tastes good, various health problems are really worrying. Why not make it at home? Cold skin is not difficult to make. The ingredients can also be matched according to your preferences. It’s very worth a try!


200g flour
3 g salt
2 g yeast


Step 1
Add an appropriate amount of cold water and a little salt to the flour. Just use ordinary flour. Choose snowflake powder or dumpling powder.

Step 2
First stir into flour flocs.

Step 3
Then add an appropriate amount of water.

Step 4
Knead it into a smooth dough, just like the noodles used to make dumplings. Knead it evenly and wake up for more than ten minutes.

Step 5
Press the noodles flat on the bottom of the basin and wash the noodles with water that can not pass the dough.

Step 6
Wash the dough with your hands like rubbing clothes.

Step 7
The water became whiter and whiter, and the starch was washed into the water, leaving gluten in his hand.

Step 8
Gluten can be steamed or boiled directly. You can also add a little yeast to ferment it before steaming. Don't add soda powder.

Step 9
Put the gluten into a bowl, boil and steam for 15 minutes.

Step 10
Steamed gluten, cut and set aside.

Step 11
The washing water must be left and filtered into a large container.

Step 12
Precipitate for more than four hours. The upper layer becomes clear water. At this time, pour out the clear water and leave only the lower part.

Step 13
At this time, the starch below may have become very sticky and hard. Stir it hard until it becomes a uniform basin of batter.

Step 14
The plate for steaming pasta should be flat. There are plates for cold skin on the Internet, called "Luoluo". Drip five or six drops of oil on the plate to prevent sticking.

Step 15
Spoon the batter into the plate.

Step 16
Turn the plate so that the batter is spread in a layer of 23 mm thick. As for the amount to be added, make two or three pieces to feel it. Don't pour it out of thin air. Measure it with a spoon. Whether it is one or more spoons, try it according to the size of your container.

Step 17
Boil the water in the pot and put the plate on the water in the pot. Note that it is on the water. Here, it is not steamed with a steam grid, but directly let the plate float on the water, and then cover it immediately. Steamed cold skin must be boiled all the way.

Step 18
If there is a transparent cover, it is best to observe it at any time. After about 2 minutes, you can see the cold skin bubbling through the pot cover. You must bubble before it can be cooked thoroughly.

Step 19
After taking out the plate, put it in cold water to cool the bottom of the plate for one minute.

Step 20
When you feel it's not hot, take it off carefully along the edge. It will be easy to uncover because it is oiled and cooled with cold water. If a small amount of flour is stuck on the plate, be sure to wipe it clean and reapply the oil. Apply sesame oil on each sheet to prevent sticking.

Step 21
Spread the cold skin on the cutting board and fold the front and rear ends of the dough to the middle.

Step 22
Cut into strips.

Step 23
Put the cold skin into a bowl, add the bean sprouts, cucumber shreds and gluten after blanching.

Step 24
Add salt, chili oil, vinegar, raw soy sauce, sesame oil and so on. Seasoning is very casual, according to personal taste.

Step 25
Stir the seasoning evenly.

Step 26
Homemade cold skin is finished. It's super simple and delicious. Tired of eating big fish and meat, refreshing cold skin is absolutely appetizing. You can cook it at home when you have time.