Northeast home-made cold dish, the hottest cold dish, is really delicious.


1 cucumber
1 piece of powder
1 piece of dried tofu
Appropriate amount of coriander
6 cloves garlic
Three tablespoons rice vinegar
Proper amount of salt
Two tablespoons sugar
Proper amount of chili oil
A spoonful of raw soy sauce
A spoonful of sesame paste


Step 1
A piece of powder, soft with blisters, can buy ready-made powder. This is mung bean powder. My aunt brought it back from Shandong. It's super delicious

Step 2
Boil the flour and dried tofu in boiling water

Step 3
Boiled cold water

Step 4
Shredded dried tofu

Step 5
Powder cut wide strip

Step 6
Sliced cucumber

Step 7
Chopped coriander

Step 8
Chopped garlic

Step 9
Put these in a large enough basin for mixing

Step 10
Season with salt

Step 11
Put sugar. The home-made cold dishes in Northeast China are sour and sweet. Put more sugar

Step 12
The ratio of vinegar to sugar is 2:1. If it is fragrant vinegar, rice vinegar, it is 1.5:1

Step 13
Put a spoonful of sesame paste

Step 14
Add chili oil and mix well

Step 15