This flavor is my favorite Cantonese sausage. According to her, she has made hundreds of kilograms of sausage with this recipe. Everyone who has eaten it likes it. Yes! Don’t tell me whether the prescription is authentic or not. I think delicious is the most important, so I immediately recorded the formula with paper and bought five kilograms of meat to try it at home~~


5000 grams of pork
2 bags of casing


Step 1
Remove the muscles, lymph nodes and blood stains from the pork (it's best not to wash. If you wash it, be sure to dry the water vapor on the surface), and cut it into thin strips or diced meat

Step 2
Add Baijiu (liquor), dried sausage (spices) and sugar.

Step 3
Then add rotten milk and vegetable oil, and then turn and knead with your hands until it is completely mixed

Step 4
It's best to marinate for 2 hours before starting enema. See here for the specific enema method: spicy sausage

Step 5
The filled sausage can be eaten after hanging in a cool, dry and ventilated place for 10-15 days. The rest is best wrapped in fresh-keeping bags and frozen in the refrigerator. When eating, take it out and steam for 15 minutes