It’s cool, my mother said. Get some jelly to eat. If you don’t eat it again, you won’t dare to eat it in a few days! My mother’s words are like “imperial edict”. I’m quick to do it.


1 cup pea starch
6 cups cold water
Half cucumber
1 shallot
5 cloves garlic
Appropriate amount of millet spicy
Appropriate amount of vinegar
Proper raw extract
A little salt
A little chili oil or sesame oil


Step 1
When the pea starch is ready, prepare two containers with equal capacity;

Step 2
The proportion of pea starch as jelly is: 1 cup pea starch: 6 cups water; The proportion of mung bean starch is: 1 cup mung bean starch: 5 cups water; The ratio of sweet potato starch is: 1 cup of sweet potato starch / Pueraria starch: 4 cups of water;

Step 3
First, mix the starch into starch slurry with a cup of water and put it aside for standby;

Step 4
Pour 5 cups of water into a small pot;

Step 5
After boiling in high heat, turn to low heat and keep it slightly boiling;

Step 6
Stir the starch slurry again evenly without starch precipitation. Slowly pour it into the boiling water pot and stir it while pouring it upside down;

Step 7
After all starch slurry is filled with water, fully stir with a stirring rod until the white starch slurry becomes transparent starch paste, and turn off the fire;

Step 8
Pour the starch paste into the prepared glass fresh-keeping box or bowl; The hot gas is basically dissipated and then covered; Can be placed at room temperature to cool, anxious to eat on the refrigerator for an hour; The refrigeration time should not exceed 6 hours. The longer the time, the faster the aging degree of starch, and it will not taste soft;

Step 9
Side dishes can be prepared at will, with materials at hand: cucumber, shallot, garlic and millet spicy;

Step 10
Cut cucumber into shreds and put it on the bottom of the bowl;

Step 11
Take a box of solidified jelly, reverse buckle and demould directly;

Step 12
Cut into thick strips, thin strips or blocks you like and lay them on the cucumber silk;

Step 13
Beat the garlic flat and chop it, chop the shallot, and chop the millet hot into circles;

Step 14
Sprinkle the minced garlic, green onion and millet on the jelly evenly, and then sprinkle the sauce made of vinegar, raw soy sauce and salt according to the taste. You can sprinkle chili oil or sesame oil at will. A bowl of simple and appetizing sour and spicy jelly is ready.