This dish was originally prepared for the Chinese New Year. I’m lazy. I haven’t dealt with it since I took a good photo, so it’s been put off till today.


1000g Sanhuang chicken
50ml red Zhejiang vinegar
50 ml sugar malt


Step 1
Raw material is three yellow chicken, can also use chicken, not old hens, salt is best Huai salt, syrup is best maltose, because I don't have, so ordinary salt and sugar instead.

Step 2
Spread salt on the whole body of Sanhuang chicken and marinate for 1 day.

Step 3
Put the pickled chicken into boiling water and heat the skin slightly to make the skin firm.

Step 4
Coat chicken body with epithelial water evenly, and then air dry

Step 5
Preheat the oven 180 degrees

Step 6
Is the roast chicken beautiful.

Step 7
Heat the oil to 180 degrees in a pan, and then pour the hot oil over the chicken repeatedly until the skin turns brown and crisp.