In the past, dumplings were a rare delicacy. In dog days, people were unbearably hot and had a poor appetite, and dumplings were a delicious appetizer. Therefore, people should eat dumplings on their heads, hoping to spend the summer safely.


500g flour
Appropriate amount of pork stuffing
1 large bowl of shrimp
5 black fungus
A handful of leeks
2 eggs


Step 1
Mix the flour with cold water and a little salt and form a ball. Wake up for a while; Knead again until smooth and moist, cover with a wet towel and wake up

Step 2
Add cooking wine and warm water to dry sea rice, soak it in advance, drain it, cut it into small pieces, and soak agaric in advance

Step 3
Fry the eggs, turn off the heat, chop them in the pot with a shovel and let them cool. Add the chopped leek and mix it, so that the leek is stained with the oil in the scrambled egg, and it is not easy to make soup when mixing the filling

Step 4
Add minced ginger, soy sauce, sugar, salt, pepper, pepper powder, cooking wine and chicken powder to the pork stuffing, stir in one direction, and then add oyster sauce to mix well; Add chopped green onion and sesame oil and stir well

Step 5
Add eggs, leeks, sea rice, and chopped agaric powder, and stir well to form a filling; Apply the dough and roll (click here to watch the roll video)

Step 6
Wrap it all up and cook it