Salt baked chicken is a well-known traditional dish of Han nationality in Guangdong. It is also one of the local Hakka dishes in Guangdong. It belongs to the Hakka cuisine of Guangdong cuisine. I always prefer salt baked chicken. Because I can’t make it myself and it’s hard to buy sea salt, I often go to the marinated vegetable stall outside to buy it. This time, I bought some sea salt from Taobao. After referring to a variety of methods, I finally made my favorite salt baked chicken.


Four chicken legs
Eight chicken wings
2500 grams of sea salt
1 piece of Shajiang
1 cup mash water
4 pieces of gauze


Step 1
After the Shajiang is baked, put it into a stone mortar and pound it into powder. After the Shajiang powder is pounded, put some fine sea salt and mash water (or wine), and then put them into a bowl to mix.

Step 2
Find a better frying pan, pour in the sea salt, fry the sea salt hot, after the water gradually evaporates, the sea salt will become small pieces, like rice stone.

Step 3
After washing chicken legs and wings, dry them.

Step 4
Divide the gauze paper into two parts and wipe the chicken leg evenly with the Shajiang sauce.

Step 5
Then it is wrapped on the gauze paper.

Step 6
Put the casserole on the stove and spread a layer of fried sea salt inside. Be sure to spread it a little thicker and spread the wrapped chicken legs well.

Step 7
Cover the chicken legs with sea salt, then wrap the chicken wings like the chicken legs and spread them on the sea salt.

Step 8
Lay a layer of coarse sea salt on the floor, cover it with a wet cloth.

Step 9
When the fire is between medium and low, it's about an hour. When you can smell the strong smell of Shajiang, you can start the pot. At this time, the wet cloth on the lid of the pot is almost dry.