This patty is a family dish, many of which are tips to make the patty especially soft, with more layers, so it’s delicious and more convenient to make. It’s definitely a Northern Style patty, with many soft layers and juicy stuffing Welcome to pay attention.


500g wheat flour (Fuqiang flour, Teyi flour)
420 grams of water
500g pork stuffing
1 green onion
A little ginger
100g Haitian yellow sauce
8 g salt
5g chicken essence
15g cooking wine
A little sesame oil
A little pepper


Step 1
Ingredients: 6 persons; Fuqiang powder 500g, water 420g

Step 2
The method of mixing flour is the key step: dig a hole in the center of flour, pour part of water into the hole, do not pour all the water at one time

Step 3
Use chopsticks to stir in circles from the center. As the surrounding flour is wrapped in it, the dough becomes larger and larger

Step 4
As the dough is stirred, pour in the remaining water in two or three times. After each pour in, stir patiently in circles to prevent pimples

Step 5
Finally, all the dry powder is mixed into the dough to make a very soft dough. At this time, the dough is thin and will stick to the hands and the basin. Don't use hands and noodles. Just put it in the basin and wake up for half an hour

Step 6
Now start to make meat stuffing: first stir fry yellow sauce: prepare 100 grams of Haitian yellow sauce, a little green onion, a little ginger; Tips: other brands of soy sauce can be used

Step 7
Heat a little oil in the pan. Stir fry the onion, ginger and soy sauce over low heat until fragrant

Step 8
Take out the fried soy sauce and let it cool

Step 9
Take a large basin, all the ingredients in the meat: 500g pork stuffing, a piece of scallion (cut into scallions), 8g salt, 5g chicken essence, 15g cooking wine, a little sesame oil, a little pepper, stir fried soy sauce into the basin

Step 10
Mix all the ingredients well and the meat is ready

Step 11
At this time, the dough wakes up. The dough is very thin and easy to stick to the hands. At this time, dip the hands with water and gently pat on the surface of the dough. It's easy to take the dough out of the basin

Step 12
Divide the dough into four to five pieces. If it's not easy to operate when dividing the dough, put water on your hands and then operate. Quickly wrap a layer of flour on the surface of the separated dough to prevent sticking. Never knead the dough

Step 13
Sprinkle flour on the chopping board, take a piece of dough and roll it into a rectangular cake with a rolling pin

Step 14
Spread the meat on the top of the cake

Step 15
Cut four equal incisions on the lower edge of the cake with a knife, each of which is about 2 cm long. Cut four equal incisions on the upper edge of the cake

Step 16
Starting from the right side, fold the upper and lower biscuits on the rightmost side towards the middle

Step 17
Fold the half folded cake to the left

Step 18
Then fold the upper and lower pieces of cake to the center and cover them on the original cake

Step 19
Repeat the above actions until all the cakes are folded in half. Shape the dough without exposing the stuffing. Because the dough is very soft, it has good ductility and is easy to operate. This method makes the layers of the patty more and softer

Step 20
Roll the dough lightly and roll it into a round meat cake; Tips: don't roll the dough too hard, it's easy to stick on the chopping board and expose the meat

Step 21
Brush a small amount of oil in the electric pancake pan and put the meat cake into the electric pancake pan. At this time, if you feel that the meat cake rolled just now is not thin or even enough, you can press the meat cake with your hand to make it more even. Cover the electric pancake pan and set the time according to the gear of your own electric pancake pan, about five to seven minutes

Step 22
It's done~