Stewed chicken is a typical Lu style home dish. When cooking, mushroom and simple seasoning are added. It is very convenient and easy to make with Jessel automatic cooking pot. After the completion of color, flavor, delicious chicken is very delicious, also very delicious.


600g chicken
Proper amount of Lentinus edodes
15 ml soy sauce, soy sauce
15 ml oil
4 g salt
20 ml cooking wine
1 onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 piece of ginger
500ml water


Step 1
First, add appropriate amount of water to the automatic cooking pot, and use the manual function to boil the water.

Step 2
Add the washed and chopped chicken to the boiling water

Step 3
Blanch a little into the water, take out the chicken and pour out the water

Step 4
Prepare seasoning, ginger, garlic and onion slices

Step 5
Put the oil, ginger, garlic and onion into the bottom of the pot first, then add the mushrooms and chicken

Step 6
Add salt, soy sauce and cooking wine

Step 7
Then add water

Step 8
Cover the pot, turn on the power, press the key, and select the "stewed chicken" function

Step 9
The automatic cooking pot starts the countdown work, and the cover is opened in the middle of the process

Step 10
The countdown is over

Step 11
Open the lid of the pot and stir it for a while. You can take out the pot and put it on the plate