I hope you can personally let your family taste the taste of sauerkraut fish


1 Tripterygium
500g sauerkraut
100g scallion and ginger
A little prickly ash and star anise
A little dried pepper
1 egg
A little starch


Step 1
Dispose of the fish for later use

Step 2
Change the scallion into sections, and pack the pepper in a box

Step 3
Slice the fish and set aside

Step 4
Add cooking wine, green onion, ginger, Chinese prickly ash and star anise to the fish bone in a cold water pot. Cook until the soup is milky (about half an hour)

Step 5
Cut the fish into slices, mix in onion and ginger, a little cooking wine, salt, egg white and a little starch

Step 6
After the fish soup is cooked, put the fish bone into the container completely, set the shape, and filter the fish soup with gauze

Step 7
Boil the water in the pot, put in the fish fillets and blanch them. Remove them for later use

Step 8
Put oil in the pot, add scallion, ginger, star anise and dried pepper, saute until fragrant, then add sauerkraut, stir fry until cooked, fill in fish soup, remove sauerkraut, put the fish bone in the container, put the boiled fish fillets in the pot, cook a little, put the cooked fish fillets on the sauerkraut, finally add white pepper in the pot, put in the container, decorate with a little coriander.