Pea seedlings are rich in nutrition and contain a variety of essential amino acids. Its flavor is delicate, soft, smooth and palatable, with good color, aroma and taste. It has high nutritional value, green and pollution-free, and tastes delicious and unique. It is used to stir fry, make soup and rinse pot. It is a good vegetable on the table and is favored by the majority of consumers. \N pea seedlings are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, more than broccoli. And the taste is fresh and not greasy, which is loved by many weight-loss girls.


200g bean sprouts
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon oil
3 peppers
3 garlic
1 tablespoon soy sauce


Step 1
Take the bean sprouts out of the box and wash them

Step 2
Pick the bean seedlings and cut off the roots

Step 3
Cut the chili into small pieces

Step 4
Beat garlic into minced garlic

Step 5
Pour water into the pot to heat, sprinkle salt and add some oil

Step 6
Pour in the bean sprouts, blanch until they are mature, and the bean sprouts become soft

Step 7
Take it out and put it in ice water or cold water, so it tastes more crisp.

Step 8
Pour out the water in the basin, drain it, add salt, and mix it evenly with residual temperature.

Step 9
Put the bean sprouts into the finished plate, add garlic and pepper, and add soy sauce according to your personal taste

Step 10
Heat up the oil and pour it on the garlic and pepper ~ bared, finished