Brewed balsam pear is a special dish of Hakka. It is brewed in balsam pear season! Balsam pear has the effects of clearing away heat, nourishing blood and Qi, tonifying kidney and spleen, nourishing liver and improving eyesight. It has a certain effect in the treatment of dysentery, sore swelling, heat stroke, excessive heat rash, conjunctivitis and other diseases. Momordica charantia has a high content of vitamin C, which can prevent scurvy, protect cell membrane, prevent atherosclerosis, improve the body’s stress ability and protect the heart. Balsam pear in the balsam pear is known as the “fat killer”, can reduce the pinch fat and polysaccharide Oh!


6 balsam pear
Grab two handfuls of glutinous rice
6 mushrooms (dry)
5 slices of garlic
1 teaspoon of raw meal
Proper amount of soy sauce (delicious)
A little scallion


Step 1
When buying bitter gourd, choose long and small ones. After washing, cut half finger length and soak in brine for 10 minutes

Step 2
After soaking, dig out the bitter gourd Nang. With a ladle or the handle of this kind of spoon, it's easy to dig^_^

Step 3
Soak the mushrooms and glutinous rice first, and make them soft. pork ➕ Garlic ➕ Chopped mushrooms

Step 4
Add some salt ➕ A small amount of raw powder ➕ Stir the glutinous rice well.

Step 5
Hot pot under the oil, there must be no water in the pot, fry the pigskin together (stewed pigskin is delicious) hot pot off the fire.

Step 6
Put the minced meat into balsam pear, put the meat down into the pot, and fry until golden.

Step 7
Fry until golden brown, add water (the amount soaked in balsam pear), cook for about 20 minutes on medium heat to see if there is any water, and then add sleeping boil. Wait until the balsam pear is thoroughly boiled until soft. It's almost cooked. I like to pour balsam pear into casserole. It's not easy to get cold.

Step 8
Finally, thicken the cooked bitter gourd (cornstarch) ➕ Pour the soy sauce into the boiling pot, then roll, add the scallion, and you can start the pot.