Every year during the Chinese new year, my family treats guests with a dish of plum and pork. This year, because of the special situation, no one came to pay a new year’s call and no banquet was needed. Several pieces of prepared streaky pork didn’t need to be so hard to steam and buckle meat. It was troublesome and no one liked to eat it. I simply fried the double cooked meat and had a better meal.


250g streaky pork
2 green pickled peppers
1 carrot
1 apricot Abalone Mushroom
2 green garlic
Proper amount of salt
Proper raw extract
Proper homemade chopped pepper


Step 1
This streaky pork was originally prepared for barbecue. It has been cooked in advance. Just slice it directly Fresh streaky pork is also washed and boiled until it can be easily pierced with chopsticks. Let it cool and cut into pieces of about 3mm

Step 2
Wash and cut the side dishes

Step 3
Slice Pleurotus eryngii, bring to a boil, pour in and cook for two minutes, remove and squeeze into the water slightly

Step 4
The pot should be clean without water. Fry the pork slices to get lard Pay attention to low heat and turn the meat pieces from time to time to avoid frying in one place for a long time and damaging yourself

Step 5
Fry the meat slices until they are slightly burnt on both sides. If you like them, you can fry them for a while to make them more fragrant But there are old people in the family who have weak digestion. It's best not to be too anxious

Step 6
After the meat slices are fished out, if there is more lard, pour out some. Leave a little amount in the pot for ordinary cooking. First, add carrots, Pleurotus eryngii and green pepper, and stir fry until it is cut off. Because these are harder to cook than garlic, fry them for a while.

Step 7
Then add green garlic and stir fry until raw.

Step 8
Return the meat slices to the pot.

Step 9
Add a small spoonful of salt, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, and some homemade chopped peppers. Stir fry evenly. Generally, Sichuan Pixian bean paste is used for frying double cooked meat. My family doesn't have it, so I put a little chopped pepper to increase the flavor. If not, I won't put it.

Step 10
Stir fry the seasoning evenly and put it on the table after it tastes good.