Today, make a home-made version of Macao crispy roast meat, crispy skin and fragrant meat.


500g streaky pork
1g pepper
1g five spice powder
5g sugar
2.5G Shajiang powder
1g licorice powder
5g chicken powder
20G salt
0.5g monosodium glutamate
A little powder
A little red vinegar


Step 1
Prepare a strip of streaky pork with even fat and thin, and cook it in the pot

Step 2
Cook until the chopsticks can pierce the skin and pick up the meat

Step 3
Peipi. Prick a hole in the skin with a pine meat needle. The purpose of this is to burst the skin when firing

Step 4
Then add a little salt, apply it evenly on the skin, apply a little powder and marinate for 20 minutes

Step 5
Pour in a little red vinegar and apply it evenly. After applying the vinegar, put the meat skin in a ventilated place to dry

Step 6
Split the streaky pork into two, and then cut the streaky pork into a small piece. Don't cut off the skin

Step 7
Add the prepared roast meat salt and marinate for three hours

Step 8
Wrap the streaky pork with tin foil. The crispy roast meat only needs to be baked, and the other parts do not need to be burned. Therefore, the meat skin needs to be exposed when wrapped with tin foil.

Step 9
Before firing, put the meat skin under the refrigerator or electric fan for eight hours, and dry the water on the meat skin before baking

Step 10
Set the oven at 230 degrees and bake for half an hour

Step 11
Bake it out of the pot, let it cool, and then scrape off the black place with a knife

Step 12
Cut into pieces, set the plate and eat