Baked cold noodles, a local characteristic snack in Northeast China. There are three kinds: carbon baking, iron plate baking and frying, with different tastes. Mainly popular iron plate and fried.


3 cold noodles
2 ham sausage
3 eggs
1 coriander
Half an onion
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
Proper barbecue material
1 tbsp minced garlic chili sauce
Half tablespoon ketchup
1 / 2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp aged vinegar


Step 1

Step 2
Cut the ham sausage in half, chop the onion, coriander, garlic, chili sauce and tomato sauce, and stir well

Step 3
Add a little oil to the pan, heat over low heat, fry ham sausage, and spread a piece of cold noodles

Step 4
Beat the eggs into the cold noodles and spread them out

Step 5
When the egg solidifies, turn it over

Step 6
Brush with vinegar and sprinkle with sugar (if the noodles are hard, you can add water to the noodles after the eggs are cooked to soften the noodles)

Step 7
Brush the sauce

Step 8
Put the fried ham sausage, coriander, onion and barbecue

Step 9
Roll up the cold noodles

Step 10
Just cut sections