Hangzhou Dongpo meat


500g streaky pork
3 shallots
20G ginger
180g soy sauce
250g yellow rice wine
200g rock sugar
2 fennel
Several fragrant leaves
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Add plenty of water to the streaky pork first, take it out and cut it into 5cm size.

Step 2
The bottom of the casserole is covered with scallions and ginger.

Step 3
Then put the streaky pork with skin down, add rice wine, soy sauce, rock sugar, fennel and fragrant leaves. Boil over high heat and turn off to low heat for 2 hours

Step 4
Gently turn the meat upside down with the skin up, cook over low heat for 20 minutes, and finally turn off the heat. Wok

Step 5
Finally, sprinkle with scallions.

Step 6
The meat is tender, fat but not greasy. fragrant and sweet.