Tearing eggplant strips by hand is quite an appetizer


6 eggplant (purple skin, long)
1 tablespoon beef sauce
Right amount of onion
1 tablespoon of spicy millet
1 tablespoon mashed garlic
1 tablespoon pepper powder
1 tablespoon coarse chili powder
1 tablespoon fine chili powder
Proper amount of sesame
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of vinegar
Appropriate amount of sugar
Proper raw extract


Step 1
Steam eggplant for 12 minutes

Step 2
Prepared juice: 1 tablespoon of spicy millet, 1 tablespoon of mashed garlic, 1 tablespoon of pepper powder, 1 tablespoon of thick and thin pepper powder and 1 tablespoon of sesame, sprinkled with an appropriate amount of hot oil

Step 3
Add an appropriate amount of salt, vinegar, sugar and soy sauce and stir well

Step 4
Cool the steamed eggplant and tear it into strips by hand

Step 5
Pour the seasoned juice, add 1 tablespoon beef sauce and an appropriate amount of scallion, stir evenly and eat