Hand torn cake


300g flour
Proper peanut oil


Step 1
Add an appropriate amount of water to flour to form a soft dough. The hardness of the dough is as shown in the figure. Gently lengthen the dough.

Step 2
Cover the dough with a damp cloth for about 10 minutes, place it on a flour sprinkled panel, and divide it into small portions for standby.

Step 3
Roll the divided dough into a thin crust with a rolling pin.

Step 4
Add a little spicy powder and edible oil.

Step 5
Spread the spicy powder and edible oil evenly, and then fold the dough like an origami fan.

Step 6
Roll up the folded dough from one end slowly and stuff the last tail into the dough.

Step 7
Glue the rolled dough with flour and press flat.

Step 8
Roll into a cake embryo of the same size for standby.

Step 9
Put the frying pan on fire, add edible oil and heat it until warm. Put down the rolled cake embryo and bake it.

Step 10
Fry one side until golden and turn the other side over.

Step 11
When turning over and frying, let the spatula keep beating the cake skin to make the whole cake crisp.