Gluten cake is one of the most popular breakfast in Northeast China. A plate of gluten cake and a bowl of bean curd are enough calories and nutrition. And the price is cheap, delicious and not expensive. Today, greedy music will demonstrate the practice of pancakes. I hope you like it.


500g high reinforcement powder
3 g salt
350ml warm water
Proper oil


Step 1
Add salt to the flour, gradually add warm water, and stir into flour ears.

Step 2
Knead it into smooth dough and stir for more than 30 minutes.

Step 3
Make vegetarian pastry, salad oil + flour (1:1) and stir evenly.

Step 4
Knead the dough evenly and form a uniform dough.

Step 5
Take a flour preparation and roll it into large flakes. Add the pastry.

Step 6
Wipe the pastry thoroughly and fold it like a fan.

Step 7
What it looks like when it's folded.

Step 8
Stretch it slowly, and then roll it flat on the left for a few circles to make a base.

Step 9
Stand on the right and roll it in.

Step 10
Finally, put the roll on the right naturally on the base.

Step 11
Press it gently on the circle.

Step 12
Finish the cake preparation in turn.

Step 13
Take the first cake preparation in sequence and roll it gently into a cake blank. Roll the circle around without downward force.

Step 14
Use a little oil to moisten the pan, put in the cake blank and bake it over medium and low heat.

Step 15
It should be moved frequently and heated evenly. It must not be burned.

Step 16
Bake both sides until slightly yellow.