Summer is coming. Are you still eating cold cucumber? For a change, tear the cold eggplant by hand.


1 eggplant
Half a carrot
1 red pepper
2 shallots
10g garlic
2 ml olive oil
2 g salt
1 ml soy sauce
1 ml sesame oil


Step 1
Prepare ingredients: eggplant, carrot, red pepper, chives, etc;

Step 2
Wash the eggplant, remove the head and tail, put it in a steaming plate and steam it through water;

Step 3
Use the time of steaming eggplant to cut pepper, chives, carrots and garlic;

Step 4
Cool the steamed eggplant and tear it into thin strips by hand;

Step 5
In a hot pot, add olive oil and stir fry minced garlic. Stir fry sesame oil and soy sauce together;

Step 6
Put the cut pepper and carrot shreds on the hand torn eggplant, pour them while hot, tear them on the eggplant, and mix them evenly;