Today’s mutton is Yanchi Tan sheep in Ningxia. Its meat is tender, no smell of mutton, uniform fat distribution, low fat content and rich nutrition. It is a fine product of mutton. With all the materials, let’s start cooking! Here we need to do this step first, that is to boil the fat mutton into mutton oil, and then use it to fry carrots, onions and mutton. The taste fried with mutton oil is very fragrant, and the rice will also be very fragrant! When the lid of the pot was opened, the room was full of fragrance.


300g Yanchi Tan sheep
150g carrot
80g onion
40g raisins
300g rice
A little blending oil
Proper amount of salt
2 tablespoons raw soy sauce
3 ginger slices
A little cumin powder


Step 1
Cut the mutton into small pieces and let go of the fat separately

Step 2
Put a little oil into the pot, add fat mutton and stir fry the mutton oil

Step 3
Add mutton and stir fry until fragrant

Step 4
Add onion, carrot and ginger and stir well

Step 5
Add a little salt, soy sauce and cumin powder and stir well

Step 6
Then add an appropriate amount of water to boil

Step 7
Pour the fried ingredients into the rice cooker

Step 8
Add rice soaked in advance

Step 9
Then add raisins soaked in water and start cooking

Step 10
When it's time, mix the rice well

Step 11