Grasping mutton is a very simple and rough food, but simple things are often difficult to do well. It’s time to eat mutton to warm up during the New Year!


1500g Lamb Chop
Half root onion
5 slices of ginger
A little pepper
10g salt and pepper
A little salt
A little coriander


Step 1
Choose a whole piece of good lamb ribs, fat and thin, and the meat is delicate. It is a good material for making hand-held mutton

Step 2
Wash the lamb ribs and soak them in water for more than 5 hours. Change the water twice during the period to fully soak the blood water and remove the peculiar smell

Step 3
Add a large amount of water to the large pot, add onion, ginger and pepper, add lamb chops under cold water, and boil over high heat

Step 4
After boiling, keep the fire and skim the foam. Because of the large amount of meat, it takes about 15 minutes to completely skim it.

Step 5
Soak the cooked mutton in the original soup and cool naturally to room temperature.

Step 6
Take out the cool lamb chop, sprinkle a little salt on both sides and wipe it evenly

Step 7
Use a knife to cut the lamb chops into strips along the gap between the bones, one rib for one. This is both easy to split and convenient to divide meals

Step 8
When loaded into the large plate, the plate is big enough to be domineering, and can the ruggedness and boldness of Northwest cuisine

Step 9
Put a few corianders as ornaments at will, and you can serve it with a plate of pepper and salt.