Looking back 500 times in the previous life in exchange for passing by in this life, but I don’t know what kind of practice I have to experience in the previous life in exchange for parent-child love in this life! Thank your parents for their selfless love and care! This simple dish is dedicated to you. May the old couple’s old life be as brilliant and beautiful as flowers!


1 yam
3 G Matcha powder


Step 1
Wash yam and steam until soft

Step 2
Peel the Steamed Yam

Step 3
Mash the peeled yam into yam mud

Step 4
Take out a part of yam paste, add a little fine granulated sugar and Matcha powder, mix well, and make green yam paste

Step 5
Use white yam mud to make sunflower patterns

Step 6
Make branches and leaves out of green yam mud

Step 7
Put the white yam mud in the flower mounting bag and trace the vein shape on the leaves

Step 8
Put pineapple jam on the flowers and leaves, blueberry jam in a flower mounting bag, and draw a pattern in the center of the flower