In hot summer, Guiling ointment, the favorite of every family in Guangdong, not only relieves the heat, but also clears away heat and detoxification


Half bag of Guiling cream powder
Proper amount of water
Appropriate condensed milk


Step 1
Pour out the powder

Step 2
Add an appropriate amount of water to make it paste. Remember to use a filter to make the granules of the powder paste

Step 3
I put two spoons of water, about 1000 ml

Step 4
After the water boils, pour in the newly prepared guiling paste powder. Remember to stir it with a spoon while cooking, otherwise it is easy to paste. When you see it boiling, you can turn off the fire and serve

Step 5
I love poking bubbles,

Step 6
When it is cold, it will solidify, cut into pieces + condensed milk, bang bang