Wife cake is a traditional famous dish of Han nationality in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province. It has thin skin and thick stuffing. The stuffing is moist, soft and smooth. It tastes sweet but not greasy. It is a good snack. I use peanuts and walnuts to make stuffing. It’s not very authentic, but it’s delicious.


260g flour
50g soft sugar
80g corn oil
150g peanuts
150g walnut
70g water
Proper amount of egg liquid


Step 1
Put walnuts and peanuts into the oven and bake them

Step 2
Take it out and let it cool

Step 3
Use this time to make oilskin: 150 grams of flour with 30 grams of sugar, 30 grams of corn oil and 70 grams of warm water and dough

Step 4
To make pastry: 110g flour, 50g corn oil and dough

Step 5
Use the time of dough to process the filling: peel the cooled peanuts and put them into the grinding cup of the cooking machine

Step 6
Beat into powder

Step 7
Also cool the walnut into the cooking machine grinding cup

Step 8
Make a fine powder

Step 9
Add 20 grams of sugar

Step 10
Grasp well with your hands

Step 11
Knead into a ball of moderate size, and then the filling is ready

Step 12
Divide the two dough into nine formulations

Step 13
Roll the water oil skin into a small round cake and put the pastry on it

Step 14
wrap up

Step 15
Roll it out like a tongue

Step 16
Roll it up

Step 17

Step 18
Roll it into a wafer and put a peanut and walnut stuffing

Step 19
Wrap it up and press it flat

Step 20
Brush egg liquid on the surface

Step 21
Make three cuts with a knife

Step 22
Preheat the oven at 200 ℃ for about 15 minutes. After coloring the surface, cover it with tin foil and change it to 180 ℃ for another 15 minutes

Step 23
Take it out in time to cool after baking