When you are away alone, you sometimes miss the delicious food of your hometown. In the streets of Guangdong, the common breakfast is rice flour, which is also called Bula steamed rice flour. It is a kind of rice product, also known as Bula steamed rice flour, pull rice flour, roll rice flour, pull rice flour, tie rice flour and so on. There are many different opinions about the origin of the vermicelli, and there is no unified view. Some people say that “it was first created by pantang hexianguan during the Anti Japanese war. It was also said that “vermicelli originated in Guangdong. As early as the end of the Qing Dynasty, the cry of selling vermicelli had been heard on the streets of Guangzhou.”. Nowadays, we can see the large and small rice noodle shops in the streets of Guangzhou. In Guangzhou, there has always been a saying that “food is in Guangzhou, taste is in Xiguan”. The joining of laoxiguan sausage is one of the new achievements of sausage powder. Its delicious, smooth, unique taste, loved by diners. Most of the snacks in Guangdong are made of rice. All kinds of snacks are made of rice flour..


50g sticky rice noodles
10g Chengfen
10g scallion
8g salt
10 ml edible oil
150 ml water


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients

Step 2
Mix glutinous rice flour with Chengfen, and stir in 150 ml water

Step 3
Put the chopped scallion into the paste and stir well

Step 4
Add salt and stir again until the powder is fully flavored

Step 5
Heat the pan with water in advance, prepare the disc and brush with oil

Step 6
Scoop up the slurry and pour it into the disc. Remember to turn it evenly. Don't put too much. It will be too thick. Then put it into the heated pot. The pot will be ready in minutes

Step 7
After steaming, roll it up along the edge with a scraper and put it on a clean plate

Step 8
In this formula, I made three pieces of vermicelli. If it's not enough, it can be increased correspondingly. As long as the ratio of sticky rice flour, Chengfen and water can reach 1:3