Tangbupai, also known as Ruyi fruit, is a traditional Cantonese dessert. The taste is absolutely crisp, smooth and sweet, refreshing but not greasy, fragrant and salty for all ages. It’s the twin brother of Tangyuan, adding ginger juice to dispel cold and healthy qi. It is said that sugar is also related to marriage between men and women. It is located in the Putian area of Dongkeng, Chashan and Hengli towns. Whenever a matchmaker takes a young child to a woman’s home for a blind date, if the woman’s parents agree to the marriage, she cooks sugar and greets the man. When the man sees that the sugar is on the table, he will know that the success is achieved. If he doesn’t throw away the big bowl of sugar, the more delicious it will be. After eating one bowl, he will add another, which shows that the man is willing to do good things in pairs. It’s a very simple and quick way to make a bowl of sweet sugar for your sweetheart.


150g glutinous rice flour
50g eggs
20G peanuts
2 g ginger
180 g water
80g yellow sugar


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients

Step 2
Take 150 grams of boiling water and pour into the glutinous flour. Stir and mix with the dough

Step 3
Then divide it into two equal sized tablets

Step 4
Boil water in a pan until the dumplings float

Step 5
Take it out and put it in a clear water bowl

Step 6
Fried peanuts

Step 7
Stir fry the peanuts and roll them while they are hot

Step 8
Break up the eggs and fry them into skin

Step 9
Put 50 grams of water in the pot, add the yellow sugar slices and shredded ginger, and boil the sugar until boiling

Step 10
Add sugar circle, sugar water becomes thick, full of sugar juice

Step 11
Put in a bowl. Add peanuts and shredded egg