Salting halfway to turn over, baking halfway to turn over, so more delicious Oh!


500g pork (leg)
Three garlic
Proper fuel consumption
The right amount is delicious
Right amount of chili powder
Pepper in moderation
Right amount of barbecue sauce


Step 1
Cut 3 garlic heads into minced garlic, pour in proper amount of oil consumption, delicious, and add chili powder

Step 2
Cut pork into pork chops (3cm), marinate pork chops in marinade for 3 hours, turn pork chops upside down. It's better to marinate for a long time.

Step 3
Place the pickled pigs on the baking plate, sprinkle with pepper and spread the barbecue sauce evenly.

Step 4
Put the pickled pork chops into the oven, adjust the temperature to 120 ℃ and the time to 10 minutes. Turn the pork chops over and put them in the oven for 10 minutes.

Step 5
Slice pork chops into pieces (0.5cm)

Step 6
Dip the meat in tomato sauce or homemade sauce, it will be more delicious.