A few days ago, children were making a fuss about eating meat. They pickled a piece of meat and roasted this lazy version of honey barbecued pork to deal with the meat addict. Although it’s simple, it tastes really good.


1 large piece of plum head meat
A handful of leek moss
1 egg


Step 1
After washing the pork, wipe it dry, loosen it with the back of the knife, put it into the fresh-keeping glass box, add one egg, rub it with hands repeatedly, and massage the meat with egg white to make the meat absorb the egg white completely

Step 2
Add 4 tbsp BBQ sauce and mix well. Make sure the surface of the meat is evenly covered with sauce

Step 3
Cover and seal the plum meat with marinating sauce, then refrigerate and marinate overnight

Step 4
Make 1 small bowl of brush roast sauce: 1 tbsp BBQ sauce + honey + sauce + soy sauce + rice wine + olive oil, mix well

Step 5
Take out the pickled plum meat, place it on the baking plate with tin foil, brush a layer of prepared baking sauce evenly, put it into the oven with a preheating of 200 ℃ for about 50 minutes, turn it over and brush the sauce 2-3 times

Step 6
Wash the leek moss, pinch off the old stem, and stir in boiling water until it is broken. After draining, lay it on a flat baking plate. Cut the roasted pork into thick slices and place them on it. Sprinkle with ground black pepper and fried sesame. Return to the oven and bake for 5 minutes. Serve