Cantonese like to eat vermicelli very much, especially Hakkas. They eat vermicelli and porridge for breakfast.


Three eggs
200g sticky rice noodles
20G corn starch
150g warm boiled water
5g garlic
Proper amount of soy sauce


Step 1
Put the rice flour and corn flour in a container, add warm water, and stir clockwise until all the flour is dissolved. If you need to eat the thick one, thicken it. If you want to eat the thin one, you can adjust it by yourself according to the situation.

Step 2
Prepare peanut oil, brush, oil doesn't need too much.

Step 3
Prepare two clean dishes and brush them with peanut oil.

Step 4
Beat the eggs well and set them aside.

Step 5
Put a spoonful of powder into the pile and add another spoonful of eggs.

Step 6
Add a lot of water into the steamer, bring to a boil over high heat, and steam for about 1 minute.

Step 7
1 minute later, out of the pot, as shown in the picture, gently scrape from one side with a scraper. When steaming, prepare another dish and put it into 5 steps. Repeat.

Step 8
Steam well, as shown in the picture

Step 9
Prepare soy sauce, garlic, mix well, this soy sauce to see what you like to add taste good, add green pepper ring taste is the most collocation.