Cantonese like to eat vermicelli for breakfast. Our family is no exception. The production is very simple and convenient!


100g rice
1 egg
30g lean meat
20G lettuce
150 g water
Proper amount of salt
Proper peanut oil
200g clear water


Step 1
Wash rice and soak it soft

Step 2
Pour the rice into the soybean milk machine, add water and beat it into rice milk

Step 3
Mince lean meat, mix well with appropriate amount of salt, break up eggs and finely chop lettuce

Step 4
Boil the water in the pot and brush a layer of peanut oil on the plate

Step 5
Pour in a tablespoon of rice paste, add minced meat, egg liquid and lettuce, cover the pot and steam for about 3 minutes

Step 6
After steaming, roll it up along the edge with a scraper and put it into a clean plate.