Xiangluopian is a member of the conch family. It is a kind of conch. It is named after its delicious meat. It has high nutritional value and is loved by people who love seafood. It is rich in protein, inorganic salt and multi vitamins. Chinese medicine, huaishanqizi and xiangluotang made of chicken, has a delicious smell, and its effect is nourishing yin and strengthening bones, It is not only a good soup for family, but also an indispensable product for beauty.


500g chicken
20g Xiangluo tablet
30g Huaishan
20G wolfberry
15g Polygonatum odoratum
20G red dates
30g jujube
Moderate salt


Step 1
Soak the soup (except Xiangluo tablets) in clean water for 15-20 minutes, then filter the water and take it up for use

Step 2
The main ingredients fly water, xiangluopian and ginger soak for 2 hours, then wash clean, put into boiling water and cook for 8-10 minutes

Step 3
Put the soup and main ingredients into the soup pot, add 2 liters of clean water, boil over high heat, then adjust to low heat and simmer slowly for 90-120 minutes; Please add some salt to taste 5 minutes before flameout

Step 4
Guangdong Laohuo soup with rich aroma and delicious taste - xiangluopian Yuzhu huaiqi soup is ready~