Abrus cantoniensis is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine which can treat a variety of diseases. It has the effects of clearing heat and dampness, benefiting stomach and spleen, especially for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other diseases. It can nourish the liver and protect the liver. Chicken bone grass is cool and sweet, especially for those patients with liver disease. In Guangdong area, it is a tradition to make chicken bone grass soup, which has the effect of dietotherapy. If you use chicken bone grass soup, it not only tastes delicious, but also can relieve various symptoms caused by dampness and heat of liver meridian after drinking, which is very good for your body.


20G chicken bone grass
25g summer mushroom grass
30g jujube
500g lean meat or pork (pancreas)
Moderate salt


Step 1
Soak all ingredients in clean water for 15-20 minutes, then filter and remove

Step 2
Put the ingredients and main ingredients of the soup into the soup pot, add 2 liters of water, bring to a boil over high heat, then adjust to low heat and simmer slowly for 90-120 minutes; Please add salt 5 minutes before flameout.

Step 3
The delicious chicken bone and grass keel soup with strong herb flavor is ready~