When I first learned how to cook, I wanted to cook this dish. After a long time, I felt that I had to wait for this skill, so I put it down. Just a few days ago, a friend made it. After reading it, I was a little greedy. I copied a prescription and quickly made it. As soon as I started, I found that this dessert was very simple, and there was another snack for Ding in the future ~~


250 grams of milk
30g corn starch
30g sugar
20G milk powder
100g water
4G baking powder
80g low powder


Step 1
The raw materials are ready

Step 2
Mix the ingredients in the main ingredient until there is no powder

Step 3
Heat over low heat until thick

Step 4
Put it in a plastic box and refrigerate for two hours

Step 5
Before preparing to fry, mix the ingredients in the excipients to make a thick paste

Step 6
Cut the frozen cream cake into your favorite shape

Step 7
Put a layer in the batter

Step 8
Add to the hot oil and fry until golden and crisp