Stewed chicken legs with mushrooms, roasted chicken wings, curry chicken, white chopped chicken and so on have been made at home. Chicken steak rice is always eaten in restaurants. This time, my daughter said how about my mother making chicken steak rice. I said of course. So I tried to make this chicken chop rice. Well, it’s still very popular.


Three chicken legs
Three bowls of rice
A bag of barbecue sauce
Half a purple onion
Three tablespoons of daughter safflower carving wine
A teaspoon of white pepper
A little edible fine salt
Three tablespoons vegetable oil


Step 1
Wash the chicken leg, start from the tip of the leg, make a small cut with a knife and remove the bone downward.

Step 2
Culled chicken leg bone

Step 3
Pat the skin of chicken leg down with the back of the knife

Step 4
Chop the purple onion and set aside

Step 5
Put the chicken leg into a basin, add white pepper, daughter safflower carving wine, barbecue sauce, broken purple onions, stir and marinate

Step 6
This is the appearance after stirring. When pickled, the skin is facing down for good taste

Step 7
Wash the rape and scald it with boiling water

Step 8
Marinate the boiled rape with a little salt and set aside

Step 9
Put the oil in the pan. The oil should not be too much. Just fry more vegetables than usual. The oil temperature should not be too high. 60% heat. Put the pickled chicken leg skin down and fry it on one side and then the other side until it is cooked

Step 10
This is what it looks like after frying

Step 11
After frying the cooked chicken leg, put it on the oil absorbing paper and cut it into thick pieces one centimeter wide

Step 12
Here I omit the process of making rice. The rice is put in a bowl on an inverted flat plate, and then the chicken leg meat and vegetables are placed on a plate to serve