Green vegetables and bean curd soup, clear, simple and delicious. The time difference party is really fed up with the heavy taste of dongyingong hot and sour soup, coconut milk soup, gansongm soup, or some heavy taste soup that can’t be named. Can’t the Thai people have some clear soup. So I often go to restaurants to buy some food to pack and come back to cook a bowl of clear soup. Among them, green vegetables and tofu soup is the most simple, quick and delicious!


50g tofu
6 pieces of lettuce
Two or three scallions
2 slices of ginger
A little lard
A little salt
A little chicken essence


Step 1
All kinds of raw materials are ready. The box of tofu is just for taking pictures. In fact, it only takes 50 grams of tofu per person.

Step 2
Smash ginger slices, put cold water into the pot, turn to medium heat after boiling

Step 3
While cooking tofu, take a large bowl and add some salt, chicken essence, lard and scallion.

Step 4
1. Be sure to use a little lard, the whole soup will become very fragrant.