Tiramisu is a symbol of love! For me, tiramisu naturally has a charm that I can’t stop! Delicate taste, mellow cheese, and these, it seems that only tiramisu can do!


100g cheese
1 egg yolk


Step 1
Put egg yolk, fine granulated sugar, fresh milk and rum into a bowl and beat evenly with an egg beater

Step 2
Sit the bowl in hot water, heat it and beat it continuously. Beat the egg yolk into a thick milk foam, then take it out of the hot water basin and continue to beat it with an egg beater until it is cool

Step 3
Soften the cream cheese at room temperature, then put the cream cheese into the egg beating basin, put a basin of hot water under the egg beating basin, and beat the cream cheese smoothly with insulated water

Step 4
Slowly pour the egg yolk foam into the cream cheese basin and beat it with an egg beater

Step 5
After mixing, the cheese paste may be thin. Refrigerate until thick

Step 6
Beat the light cream with an egg beater until it can be textured

Step 7
Put the light cream into the cheese paste in several times and stir well

Step 8
Pour into 1 / 3 of the glass

Step 9
Finger Biscuits (see here: finger biscuits) are brushed with wine and sugar liquid on both sides and spread on the cheese paste

Step 10
Pour in the cheese paste to 2 / 3 of the glass, and then spread the finger biscuits brushed with wine and sugar

Step 11
Finally, pour in the remaining cheese paste, pour it to the edge of the glass, and smooth the cheese paste with a spoon dipped in wine and sugar

Step 12
Refrigerate tiramisu for at least four hours; Tiramisu surface sieve Matcha powder (cocoa powder), and finally sieve powdered sugar for decoration