I can see this dish when my father-in-law is cooking it. It’s really super simple. I can’t learn it if it’s not simple. Ha ha! My father-in-law is an old fisherman in Shenzhen. He likes the original food and Cantonese will like this dish!


How much to eat and how much to buy
A small bunch of whole onions
Three large slices of ginger
Moderate salt


Step 1
Mud fierce fish viscera, gills to wash clean.

Step 2
Cut the whole scallion into long sections and slice the ginger for later use.

Step 3
Here's a secret: heat the oil in the pan, fry the ginger slices until fragrant, put salt in the oil directly (this step is really crucial, I heard that the fish soup is more fresh) and then stir fry the scallion with cold water

Step 4
Bring the water to the boil

Step 5
Put in all the fish, cover the pan ~ fish small for 7 minutes, fish big for 10 to 15 minutes ~ done.