In the streets and alleys of Xianju, this black jelly can be seen everywhere in summer. The black jelly is also called Xiancao powder, and we Xianju people call it grass paste, and the transparent one is called cold vegetable paste. Xianju people eat it by scooping it, flushing it with sugar water and adding an appropriate amount of honey. Later, when we saw more delicious food everywhere, we knew that after the people of Taiwan added some materials to it, it was called burning fairy grass. However, after adding ingredients, the jelly really tastes much richer.


50g black jelly
1 tbsp mung beans
1 tbsp red beans
1 tbsp barley seed
1 tbsp condensed milk
1 tbsp honey
1100 ml boiling water
150ml cold boiled water


Step 1
Honey red beans are made by myself. The method is very simple, so I don't take detailed photos. As long as these beans are soaked one night in advance, cooked to avoid flowering, taken out after cooking, bottled and pickled with a layer of beans and a layer of sugar for more than a day

Step 2
Put the black jelly in a large clean basin

Step 3
Add 150 ml of cold boiled water and mix into a granular paste

Step 4
Inject 1100 ml of boiling water just boiled, stir quickly and evenly, or boil again

Step 5
Prepare a clean mold

Step 6
Pour the jelly into the mold, cool and condense

Step 7
It can be stored in the refrigerator after it is done. The cool grass powder itself has no taste, so it should be seasoned with honey beans and honey