Grass carp and white gourd soup


500g white gourd
300g grass carp
80g red bean
50g white beans
Proper amount of salt
3 slices of ginger
1 long thinking crystal jujube


Step 1
Wash red beans and eyebrow beans in advance and soak in water for standby;

Step 2
Wash white gourd, remove seeds, cut into pieces and set aside;

Step 3
Remove the scales of grass carp and fry both sides in an oil pan;

Step 4
Add three slices of ginger, a small piece of tangerine peel and a sweet jujube. Boil with an appropriate amount of boiling water over high heat;

Step 5
Put the white gourd in the pressure cooker in advance, pour the fish and soup into the pressure cooker, and add the soaked red beans and eyebrow beans;

Step 6
Cover the lid, press with a pressure cooker for about 25 minutes, and finally season with salt.