[braised mutton] my family eats it every week, especially in autumn and winter. It is also good to entertain guests in the Spring Festival. Mutton is warm but not dry. It can not get angry if you eat more. It can also promote digestion. In fact, it is the first choice for tonic in winter. If you don’t eat it, you will lose a lot. It’s very simple. Let’s learn it together.


300g mutton
Five carrots
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
4 slices of ginger
0.5 green onions
5 dried peppers
1 tsp pepper
1 octagonal
2 tablets of tri naphthalene
4 tablespoons cooking wine
1 tablespoon bean paste
1 tablespoon salt
3 tablespoons raw soy sauce
2 tablespoons soy sauce


Step 1
Prepare ingredients and condiments: clean the mutton and cut it into pieces; Peel and wash carrots; Slice ginger and cut scallions;

Step 2
Pour water into the pot, add mutton, green onion, ginger slices, pepper and cooking wine, and bring to a boil without covering;

Step 3
Remove the mutton and rinse it with warm water;

Step 4
Heat the non stick pot, pour an appropriate amount of vegetable oil and heat it;

Step 5
Add bean paste and stir fry until fragrant, then add mutton and stir fry; The mutton turns white, pour in cooking wine, add dry pepper, pepper, scallion, star anise and naphthalene, and continue to stir fry over high fire;

Step 6
Pour in raw and old pumping; Continue to stir fry;

Step 7
Pour in hot water and bring to a boil;

Step 8
Put all ingredients into the electric stew cup;

Step 9
Turn on the power, select the [stew] program, and then press the "start" key;

Step 10
Add carrots when there are 40 minutes left in the procedure; Continue to stew;

Step 11
After the procedure, taste the salt. If there is no taste, add an appropriate amount of salt and stir evenly; [braised mutton] it's ready. You can sprinkle some coriander when eating.