The gold silk tower, which has been admired for a long time, finally has time to do it. The original one that always likes to do potatoes is dry fried potato silk. Recently, there are many barbecue spicy materials at home, so I want to eat potato silk like gold silk thread. It’s not difficult to do this dish. I just want to calm down and do it well, especially in the process of frying. So I can only do it when I have enough time and feel comfortable.


200g potatoes
Moderate spicy barbecue
Appropriate amount of scallion
Appropriate amount of millet pepper
Half pot rapeseed oil


Step 1
Peel and wash the potatoes, cut them into filaments, and soak them in clean water for 10 minutes

Step 2
Remove the soaked shredded potatoes, rinse and drain

Step 3
Prepare the seasoning. If you don't like it too spicy, you can not add millet pepper

Step 4
Boil a small pot of water, add a little salt and edible oil and bring to a boil

Step 5
Add shredded potatoes, mix well, cook over high heat until it changes color, and then remove

Step 6
Heat half a pot of rapeseed oil until 70% hot

Step 7
Put in shredded potatoes and mix them gently with chopsticks

Step 8
Keep stirring until the chopsticks feel the crisp sound

Step 9
When the color is golden, quickly remove the drain oil

Step 10
Use chopsticks to pile the shredded potatoes on the plate layer by layer and sprinkle the seasoning in turn