Cake is a kind of traditional food loved by people, and it is a common staple food. Although Xiaoyun is a Southerner and is not good at pasta, making a cake can not only solve the breakfast of the day, but also solve the problem at noon. Therefore, making a cake is very “cost-effective” and convenient for me. There are many kinds of cakes with a long history, and each place has formed its own unique cake culture. Let’s talk about the “Thousand Layer meat cake”. It’s said that in the Tang Dynasty, the people offered this food with a thousand volumes of Buddhist scriptures to thank Xuanzang for coming back from the western regions. Later, an imperial chef brought this food to the court, and after careful improvement, it became a very unique Royal snack for the court, This unique Royal meal spread to the people, known as “Thousand Layer meat cake”, and has been handed down for thousands of years. Let’s do it together today!


150g flour
100g minced meat
2 teaspoons soy sauce
30g minced ginger
2 g pepper powder
20G scallion
2 g plant seasoning
2 g salt
5 g zanthoxylum oil
1 teaspoon oyster sauce


Step 1
Meat seasoning: soy sauce, pepper powder, plant seasoning, a little pepper oil, oyster sauce, ginger, scallion, salt, shun a convenient stir

Step 2
Flour and good hair for 20 minutes, and then divided into several dough of the same size.

Step 3
Roll the dough into a rectangular wafer on the chopping board. Cut the rectangular dough into one third of the long side, one knife at each side, the same at the bottom and the same length in the middle

Step 4
Spread the marinated minced meat on the dough without covering the edge; Fold from the upper third of the left side to the middle and press the edge tightly. Then fold the lower third of the left side to the middle and press the edge tightly; Fold the left part of the cake from the left to the middle; The middle part is folded in the same way and then folded to the right;

Step 5
After folding in the same way, the whole cake will be finished and the edge will be pressed tightly

Step 6
Oil the electric cake pan; Put the cake in the oven; Fry until golden on both sides