The crispy golden shell is chewed off in one bite. The rich rice aroma is mixed with curry flavor. People can’t stop chewing it carefully. They can also eat crisp shrimps. It’s delicious. The child has started school. Make a plate of energy for the child quickly~


50g curry sauce
2 cups northeast rice
13 fresh shrimps
Golden bread bran
1 egg
Appropriate amount of edible oil
3 G cooking wine


Step 1
Prepare the materials, the northeast rice preferred by ruthless grain. As soon as you open the package, the rice fragrance is attractive.

Step 2
Wash the rice in the pot twice, add an appropriate amount of water and cook it into rice

Step 3
Remove the head and shell of the fresh shrimp, cut it into small pieces, and marinate it with a little cooking wine to remove the fishy smell

Step 4
Let the northeast rice cool after cooking

Step 5
Mix about 500g of rice, curry sauce and shrimps

Step 6
Roll the rice into small balls and beat the eggs

Step 7
The rice balls are coated with egg liquid and bread bran

Step 8
Put it into the oil pan and fry it over low heat until golden. It takes about 3 minutes. Remember to turn it halfway

Step 9
After frying, drain the remaining oil and serve it. It's crispy and delicious.

Step 10
Take a bite. It's full of shrimp