Pick up little grapefruit from school and take chicken nuggets. He dipped in ketchup and ate 8 Nuggets at a time. He told him to eat less. He would have dinner later. He couldn’t stop it. It was all dry.


130g chicken breast
1 egg
25g cheese
10g starch


Step 1
Cooking method: pan fry

Step 2
Cut the chicken breast into pieces, add an egg white into the cooking machine, beat it into mud, and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice. Add cheese and starch and stir well.

Step 3
The chicken puree has been prepared.

Step 4
Put the chicken puree on the plastic wrap.

Step 5
Roll long round strips and freeze for more than 3 hours.

Step 6
Cut into pieces.

Step 7
Whisk the egg yolk and dip both sides of the chicken with egg yolk.

Step 8
Put a little oil in the pot, fry the chicken in the pot over medium low heat, fry on both sides, and the color of the middle layer of the chicken can be changed out of the pot.

Step 9
Dip it in ketchup. Is there anyone who doesn't like ketchup? My friends' children haven't found anything they don't like. For small basin friends, as long as the chicken is tender and dipped in ketchup, a plate is not enough to eat.