I checked it online. It’s called “glutinous rice cake”. My hometown is called “sticky cake” and “sticky Bean Bun”. I especially like to eat. Originally, I had a bad stomach. When I ate sticky cake when I was a child, my mother looked at me and said that sticky cake is a hard thing and is not easy to digest. Don’t let me eat more. I’m afraid I’m uncomfortable! But it’s strange that my stomach won’t be uncomfortable no matter how I eat it. So I thank my stomach for letting me eat the food I like.


1 kg semi glutinous rice flour
Kidney bean
Proper amount of sugar


Step 1
Boil water, scald half of the rice noodles with boiling water, and sprinkle half of the small bag of yeast powder on the non scalded rice noodles. Take advantage of the heat and noodles, moderate soft and hard, ferment in a sunny place, or ferment naturally the night before, not afraid of getting big.

Step 2
This is the white kidney beans. The white ones are boiled or white. I use the red ones.

Step 3
Kidney beans are more resistant to ripening, so wash them, soak them for about two hours in advance, and then cook them faster over medium heat

Step 4
Beans are cooked when they are boiled and blossomed and broken by hand. The best beans are cooked, the soup is gone, or there is only one tablespoon left. Add an appropriate amount of sugar. I caught two. Sweetness according to personal preference. They sell sweeteners outside. They are cheap and sweet. It's bad for your health to eat them often

Step 5
Mash the beans with a spoon or beer bottle to make the bean stuffing. When I was a child, my mother pounded it. I ate it next to it. The bean stuffing was fragrant and sweet. At that time, I thought it was delicious in the world. Childhood is good^_^

Step 6
The noodles are ready. There are bubbles in them. They smell sour. Good hair doesn't touch your hands. Directly grasp a small dough with your hand, pinch it into a cake, and use a small soup spoon to hold the bean stuffing, as shown in the figure: wrap the bean stuffing in. I like to eat bean stuffing. The ratio of cake to stuffing is 1:1. The stuffing bought outside is 3:1 So I feel wronged when I eat. I enjoy what I do.

Step 7
Pan, my favorite, ha ha, you can make pancakes. Usually the amount of oil added to stir fry is OK, or you can add more. Heat over medium heat. The cake is made directly by hand. Do you see my handprint, hehe hehe. Put the cake in the pot, change to slow fire, and bake four at a time

Step 8
In about 5 minutes, when you see the golden edge of the cake, turn the cake over. The cooked cake will bulge in the middle. If you can't master it, break a piece and have a look. If there is raw flour and it turns white, it's not cooked. Cooked cakes open like pizza

Step 9
The prepared sticky cake has a lot of bean stuffing, sticky and sweet. Eat it while it's hot. One mouthful still wants one mouthful. Hee hee, sorry, saliva fell down.