It’s winter. My mother does it every year! It’s my turn this year~


300g flour
250g pork stuffing
100g leek
130g shrimp
500 ml warm water
4 tablespoons corn oil
2 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon sesame oil
A little ginger
1 tablespoon flour


Step 1
[step 1: how to make girdle burning skin.]

Step 2
Slowly add warm water and stir slowly, and we will see the legendary "mianxu"

Step 3
After seeing the "flour floc", put the dough on the chopping board and knead it into a smooth surface (hint: because warm water and flour are sticky, sprinkle a layer of ordinary flour on the chopping board in advance to avoid adhesion)

Step 4
After kneading, cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 30 minutes

Step 5
[step 2: how to make three fresh fillings?]

Step 6
Cut along the back of the shrimp with a knife

Step 7
Pick out the shrimp line with a toothpick

Step 8
Pick the shrimp line and cut it into large pieces

Step 9
Wash the leeks, cut into leeks, add two tablespoons of corn oil and half a tablespoon of salt. Put it aside

Step 10
Two spoons of corn oil, two spoons of soy sauce, one spoonful of sesame oil and one spoonful of salt. And an appropriate amount of sesame oil is used to mix pork stuffing and shrimp~

Step 11
Pork stuffing and shrimp pieces, add the above accessories and stir evenly in one direction

Step 12
If you don't use it for the time being, don't mix the meat, shrimp stuffing and leek. Cover the plastic wrap respectively for standby. To wrap the fire, open the preservative film, add the mixed leek powder to the meat and shrimp stuffing, and mix well

Step 13
The dough will be OK in 30 minutes. As shown in the figure. Rub it into an oval shape and divide it into three equal parts

Step 14
Divide the three equal parts ~ take one of them. Put the remaining two in a basin and continue to cover them with plastic wrap. To avoid doing it

Step 15
Take one of the dough and rub it into strips by hand

Step 16
Cut into small dosage forms

Step 17
Press the flat dosage by hand

Step 18
Roll into dumpling skin

Step 19
Pick up a dumpling skin and put three delicacies in the black dotted line

Step 20
The bag method of burning in the bag: pinch it all tightly without leaving any mouth. Because of warm water and noodles, the dough also becomes very obedient

Step 21
Besides, his good friend "guotie Jun"; Wrapping method of potstickers: only pinch the middle part and leave an opening in the head and tail

Step 22
The same dough formula, but the wrapping method is different.. "Girdle fire" and "potstickers" are really twin brothers. Make it according to your personal preference. Whichever you choose is delicious

Step 23
Look at our wrapped "bag fire" army. Don't burn the fire too tightly to avoid adhesion

Step 24
[step 3: how to fry the girdle with fire?]

Step 25
Be sure to use a small fire.. Remember... Pour 1 tablespoon of oil into the frying pan and put the potstickers neatly into the pan

Step 26
Turn to medium fire. Cover and simmer for about 1 minute. Wait for the bag to burn and expand

Step 27
Wait for the bag to burn and expand the surface, and pour in the prepared flour slurry

Step 28
Turn down the heat, cover the lid and wait for the water to dry slowly.. It's best to prepare a pan with a glass cover so that you can see the situation in the pan and master the cooking time. It takes about 8-10 minutes to form golden scab

Step 29
If the fire is high, the flour paste will dry quickly and burn out 100% dark food... As shown in the figure, the production failed

Step 30
And wait for the face paste to dry slowly with a small fire. There will be lace edges next to it. Turn off the fire after drying. Shovel it down with a shovel. Scabs that are cash yellow.. It's a success