Ginger juice bumping milk is a famous snack in Guangdong. It was made once before, but it couldn’t bump up ~ na milk in any case. I received a box of big ginger from Bawang supermarket. I tossed about two recipes and used two pieces of ginger. This big ginger is very good. It bumps up ~ na milk all at once, ha ha


500ml whole milk
50g granulated sugar
50g ginger


Step 1
Preparation of materials

Step 2
Put the sugar in the milk

Step 3
Heat the milk to a slight boil over low heat. Turn off the heat and let cool slightly

Step 4
Wash and peel the ginger, and rub it into ginger

Step 5
Squeeze out ginger juice with gauze

Step 6
Put about 10 ml ginger juice in a small bowl

Step 7
When the milk is not too hot, wash it into a small bowl

Step 8
Let it stand still for about 20 minutes when you were a child. Put it in the refrigerator and eat it again. The effect is the most recent