As the saying goes, eat radish in winter and ginger in summer. The proverb has been circulating for so many years, which is the crystallization of predecessors’ wisdom. In summer, with heavy moisture and hot weather, the body is prone to diarrhea, summer heat and other diseases. Eating ginger can effectively alleviate them. Yesterday, I went to buy vegetables and saw fresh tender ginger. It is very crisp and fresh. Compared with old ginger, it has no fiber and has a much softer spicy taste. It is also delicious to fry directly. It is just used to resist the summer heat and moisture in summer, strengthen the spleen and increase appetite.


400g water bamboo
10g ginger
10ml peanut oil
1g salt
1 tablespoon oyster sauce


Step 1
Fresh, crisp and tender Zizania latifolia can rarely be seen for sale. I ate it in Jiangnan many years ago, and I fell in love with it. However, it is rarely available in the north. Even if it is expensive, I will buy it.

Step 2
Ginger is cut into filaments, and Zizania latifolia is also cut into filaments. More ginger is needed, so that Zizania latifolia tastes better.

Step 3
Put the oil into the frying pan and heat it up. Add the cut shredded ginger and stir fry it to give a fragrance. The shredded ginger will become slightly yellow and crispy.

Step 4
Add the water bamboo just cut and stir fry it evenly. The silk of water bamboo should be cut evenly. Now I like to practice knife work like this.

Step 5
Stir fry for a while, add a little salt, Zizania latifolia silk will become soft, the process is very short, about half a minute.

Step 6
Add a spoonful of oyster sauce to taste and stir fry evenly. Oyster sauce is a compound seasoning. If you add more salt, you can omit it. After stir frying evenly, the dish is ready. It's too simple, but it tastes delicious.